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Gravitas Paleus Aleus – bottling this weekend.

Day 12 on the Pale Ale - specific gravity at 1.030

Day 12 on the Pale Ale – specific gravity at 1.030

Last night I measured the specific gravity of the Pale Ale that we brewed on August 25th. It was the first reading for that beer since we didn’t have the right gear when we originally brewed. ┬áIt measured 1.030 – which from everything I’ve read means it should be ready to bottle. I’ll measure it again tonight, but we’ll be bottling Saturday nonetheless.

That being said, I’m not sure we did this correctly. Since I poured out of the top of the fermented, it seems that the beer sample would be less dense than the beer at the bottom, right?

I also tasted it – good hop aroma and nice bitterness, but also quite watery. Hopefully this is normal at this stage in the process and the beer will get stronger while it continues to ferment in the bottles over the next couple of weeks.

Finally – the hydrometer that we have also has an estimator on alcohol % – and this read just about 1%. No idea if that’s where it should be at this point – but it seems crazy low to me.




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