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Pop goes the bung. Hop volcano. This is not good.

Hoppy wort flows down the side of Mount Carboy

Hoppy wort flows down the side of Mount Carboy. Where the heck is FEMA?

So I left for a few days on a business trip, leaving SumoCitrus2 happily fermenting away. Upon my return, however, she done went and blowed up on us. We messed up by not tubing this one out – but I’m not even sure that could have saved it.

That's a lot of green.

That’s a lot of green.

I think there were two other big problems – and I would appreciated anyone’s feedback on these:

1. We left too many hops in the wort. The wort in this batch was an absolute beast to strain because of the 8oz of hops that had been added to the wort. We should have strained it again. And then maybe again.

2. We should have used a 6.5 gallon carboy instead of a 5-gallon.

Maybe it’ll turn out okay? I’m doubtful…





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