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St. Brigid Red Ale

Recipe by: Taft Canyon Brewers

Specialty Grains:
9 lbs America Pale 2-Row Malt
1 lb American Caramel/Crystal Malt 60L
1 lb Flaked Maize
0.25 lb German CaraRed
0.25 lb American Roasted Barley

1oz Fuggles Pellet (60 minutes)
1 oz Fuggles Pellet (10 minutes)

Irish Ale (Wyeast #1084)

Misc: 1 tsp Irish Moss (10 minutes)

Fermentation Temperature: 70 F

Original Gravity: 1.030
Potential ABV: 4.00%
Final Gravity: TBD
Final ABV: TBD

Mash Steps:
60 minutes at 154 degrees (16 quarts)
Sparge at 165 degrees (20 quarts)


Brew History: Brewed November 25, 2012 by Keith and Steve


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Hair of the Dog Nut Brown Ale

Nut Brown Ale

Brewed on: August 26, 2012

Brewers: Keith, Steve

Recipe by: Colin @ Hops and Berries

Bottled on: September 8, 2012

Specialty Grain: .5 lbs 120L Crystal Malt, 2. lbs Chocolate Malt, .125 lbs Roasted Barley

Extract: 2.5 lbs Pale Malt Extract, 4 lbs Amber Malt Extract

Hops: 1 ounce UK Challenger Hops (60 minutes), 1 ounce Willamette Hops (15 minutes), 1 ounce Willamette Hops (0 minutes)

Yeast: Safale US-05 (dried) – Belgium


Fermentation Temperature: 68 F

Original Gravity: 1.30

Final Gravity: TBD

Notes:  We put the grains into the brew kettle of cold water, turned on the heat, and then removed them right before the water hit the boiling point. This took about 25 minutes with the new kettle. The store was out of Perle hops, so we substituted with UK Challenger hops.  Related post.

Grains and hops for Nut Brown Ale

Grains and hops for Nut Brown Ale

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