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1,120 ounces of beer bottled.

90 bottles of beer on the wall

86 12oz bottles and 6 bombers (22oz) of ale

After a day of bottle-cleaning, siphoning, cleaning, bottling, cleaning, capping and cleaning, we are pround to announce that we will soon by the proud parents of 90 bottles of homebrew (including 6 bombers).

Nut Brown Ale and American Pale Ale ready to bottle

Nut Brown Ale (left) and American Pale Ale ready to bottle.

Bottles ready for beer

Bottle tree.

We started with the Nut Brown Ale and were pleased with the taste prior to bottling. ┬áIt was a little watery, but had good flavor that we hope will only continues to develop as is continues its fermentation journey in the bottles. The Pale Ale followed suit – watery but solid.

The worst part of the day was prepping the bottles – but it was still kind of fun. Soaking the bottles to get the old labels off, washing them out, and sanitizing them took considerably longer than anticipated. The next time we do this, we may have to invite the neighbors over to help – free homebrew provided of course.

Siphoning Nut Brown Ale into bottling bucket

Siphoning Nut Brown Ale into bottling bucket

Now we wait about 10 days and pop one of these open to check it out. Keith and I are both running the Golden Leaf Half Marathon later this month and we’re looking forward to celebrating with our first batch of beer. Special thanks to our pal Michael who helped us cap the bottles tonight.





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