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Night-brewing IPA, lessons learned in the pursuit of hoppiness.

Keith and SumoCitrus2 IPA Ingredients

Keith’s head fiendishly inspects the ingredients for SumoCitrus2 IPA

Why say no, when it feels so good to say yes? Less than 24 hours after bottling our first two batches of beer, the Sirens posing as empty carboys were calling our names. ┬áSo we did what any self-respecting person would do – we brewed more beer. This time we decided to try our hand at an IPA – a recipe called SumoCitrus 2 our friend Jereme concocted and which I had the opportunity to taste a week ago at his house.

Night-brewing on the deck. We almost decided to name this beer, “The Mothman Cometh”

Our first batch of beer had 1 oz of hops. Our second batch of beer had 2 oz of hops. This puppy calls for 8 – EIGHT! – ounces of hops. We measured them out in bowls on the counter and quickly found ourselves engulfed in hop aroma. It was glorious.

A crap-ton of hops yearning to be added to boiling Wort.

A crap-ton of Magnum and Cascade hops yearning to be added to boiling Wort.

We had our first major boil-over when we first added the hops to the wort – learning a valuable lesson about how FAST these things can get out of control. I’m hard-pressed to come up with a more worthy reason for a deck-stain though.

The Wort boileth over

Ye must respect the wort, or it shall runneth over.

Finally, we also learned a valuable lesson in straining into the fermenter when you have a wort so full of hops. Our funnel and strainers kept getting clogged.

Hops clog the siphon as we try to get the wort into the fermenter.

Hops clog the siphon as we try to get the wort into the fermenter.

Any advice out there on a better way to get wort out of the kettle when it’s this full of hops is extremely welcome. It took us a long time.




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