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“Making quality beer is EASY!”

Charlie Papazian, you are speaking my language, brother. By the third paragraph in the introduction to your book , I find my heart rate increasing by sentences like “[This book] is for you who want to jump right in a brew a batch of beer today” and “superb beer can be made just by following the fundamental principles of brewing in the beginner’s section” and then “Making quality beer is easy.” This is music to my ears. I’m hooked. Let’s get this thing started.

The next section of the book is entitled “Is it Legal.” I’ll skip that one.

Tomorrow I buy the “beginner’s” supplies. Here’s what my online research tells me it will cost:

Amazon.com: Homebrewing Equipment Kit: $97.99 + $25.49 in shipping (WTF?)

Home-brew.com: Basic Equipment Starter Kit for Beermaking: $79.95 + $19.04 shipping (UPS to Colorado)

Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply: Basic Kit: $79.99 + $7.99 shipping

Williams Brewing $114.00 (includes ingredients for American IPA) +$6.90 shipping

Instead, I’m going to go to my local Homebrew shop (support local, people!) called Hops & Berries. I should be able to get started for 100 bucks, I figure.

I have not told Keith I’m doing this already.



P.S. My friend Michael just stopped by and asked where we were going to put all the home brew stuff. Uh….looks like it’ll be going in the utility room.

Utility room is proposed location for beer making.

Michael: “Where are you going to brew it?”
Me: “Uh.”
I guess we’ll brew it here.


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