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Belgian Pale Ale

Recipe by: Taft Canyon Brewers

4.5 lbs Pale Ale
3.25 lbs Light Munich
1 lb Aromatic Malt
0.5 lbs Caramunich III

0.5 oz Sterling Pellets 7.9%AA (60 minutes)
0.25 oz Sterling Pellets 7.9%AA (20 minutes)
Aiming for 18.2 IBU

Yeast: Belgium Ale (WLP550)

0.5 tab Whirlfloc (15 Minutes)
1 lb Candi Syrup – Golden(10 Minutes)
0.5 tsp Yeast Nutrient (10 Minutes)
1 Star Anise (whole) (5 Minutes)
0.5 oz Coriander Seed (crushed) (5 Minutes)
0.5 oz Sour Orange Peel (dried) (5 Minutes)

Mash Steps:

Strike – 153 degrees for 60 minutes (13.4 quarts)
Mash Out – Boiling with 10 Minute rest (7.94 quarts)
Batch sparge at 170 degrees (12 quarts)

Fermentation Temperature: 66 F

Second attempt at a Belgian Pale Ale.  All went well until:

On the bright side, I quickly learned how to make a blow-off set up out of some extra keg tubing a 1/2 gallon glass milk bottle.

Original Gravity: 1.048
Potential ABV: 5.6%
IBUs: 18.2
Gravity at Rack: 1.008
Final Gravity: 1.006
Final ABV: 5.8%

Notes: Grain volume adjusted for Brew House Efficiency of 65%.

Brewed: October 20, 2013
Racked: October 26, 2013
Bottled: November 17, 2013


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End of Summer Pale Ale


2 lbs Pale 2-Row
2 lbs Crystal Malt (60L)
1 lbs Flaked Barley

6lbs Pale Liquid Malt Extract (60 minutes)

1 oz Simco (whole lead) 14.1% (60 Minutes)
1 oz Cascade Whole Pellets 6.8%AA (15 minutes)
1 oz Goldings (UK) Pellets 7.2%AA (15 Minutes)
1 oz Goldings (UK) Pellets 7.2%AA (5 Minutes)
1 oz Cascade Pellets 7.5% AA (5 minutes)

Yeast: American Ale Yeast (Wyeast 1056) – 2 packets (no starter)

1 Whirfloc Tablet (15 minutes)

Mash Steps:

60 minutes at 154 degrees (16 quarts)
Sparge at 170 degrees (8 quarts)

Fermentation Temperature: 64 F

This was the first time I used hop pellets in ages. Filtration took forever. There was a ton of wort I could not get through the filter and ended up having to put in almost an entire gallon of water and the end to bring back of to five gallons, dropping the OG from 1.070 to 1.054. This recipe is a slight modification (more grains, more hops) of the Shannon’s Pale Ale recipe from Hops and Berries.

Brewed 8/25/2013
Original Gravity: 1.054
Gravity at Rack: 1.010
Final Gravity: 1.009
ABV: 5.9%
IBUs: 51

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First Pass Pale Ale

Serious action going on today with last night's batch of pale ale.

American Pale Ale


Recipe from: Hops and Berries Pale Ale kit

Bottled on: September 8, 2012

Specialty Grain: 1 pound Briess Caramel 30 L

Extract: 6.5 Pounds Briess Golden Light Liquid

Hops: 1 ounce Amarillo Hops (60 minutes), 1 ounce Amarilol Hops (10 minutes)

Yeast: Safale US-05 (dried) – Belgium

Misc: 5oz Priming sugar

Fermentation Temperature: 68 F

Original Gravity: We didn’t measure it. See challenges.

Gravity: Day 12 – 1.040

Final Gravity: 1.031

Notes:  We put the grains into the brew kettle of cold water and then removed them right before the water hit the boiling point. This took about 45 minutes. We had considered bringing the water to 170 degrees, adding the grains and letting them steep for 20 minutes, but decided against it. We’ll try that in a later batch.  Related post. Measured the gravity last night and it came in a 1.030 – and tasted very weak. Wonder if I should have mixed it around first – will have to read up on that.

Brewed on: August 25, 2012 bu Keith and Steve

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