August 17, 2012. Steve and Keith agree to learn to make beer together.

Keith (left) and I holding the book that we hope will teach us to make good beer.

Home brewing is cool, right? You get to make your own beer, buy lots of gadgets, and wow your friends with your hip, handcrafted beverages. Living in Fort Collins, Colorado, it seems like everyone is doing this and claiming to have success. So how hard can it be? We aim to find out.

In August, 2012, I coerced my friend Keith into diving into a great experiment. Could two guys with limited financial resources, demanding jobs, supportive spouses, young kids and a great love for beer learn to make their own beer and have it actually taste good?  So I bought a book that a brewing friend recommended, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, and we’re going to start at page 1 and see what happens.

We also decided to write about it, and this blog is where we’re trying to chronicle this little adventure – wherever it may lead (or not). Our hope is that our efforts at brewing our own beer don’t go the same way as some of our other hobbies (Steve sold his electric guitar. Keith is still hoping in-line skates come back into fashion). You can also follow this charade on Facebook.

If you have any advice for us – we want to hear it. We need it.



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