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Andy Mitchell Sour Barrel Project – Base beer

I was thrilled when I was invited to participate in this project. It was my first turbid mash and my first time using unmalted wheat. This was a 5 gallon batch and joined 55 more gallons of beer from a group of other brewers that went in on old oak souring barrel with loads of good bugs. Cannot wait to see how this tastes in 9-12 months.

Malt / Adjuncts:
7 lb Pilsner / Pale
5 lb unmalted wheat
1 lb Munich
0.5 lb rice hulls

3 oz aged hops (I used some Saaz hops that I’d had in the freezer for over a year)

Safale 05 (Starter)

Turbid Mash Steps:
Mash in with 1 gal 150 F hot liquor – target temp 113 F ( Beta Glucan Rest – going to be super thick ~0.3 qt / lb)
Rest 10 min
Bring hot liquor to a boil
Infuse mash with hot liquor to bring to 126 F (Protein Rest)
Rest 10 min
Remove 50% of the liquid and heat to 190 F in smaller pot
Infuse mash with hot liquor to bring to 158 F
Rest 45 min
Remove 50% of liquid, add to smaller pot, and heat to 190 F
Add contents of smaller pot to mash tun to raise mash to mashout temp (hopefully around 170F)
Vourlauf to remove bits
Sparge with 190F water until collecting pre-boil volume

120 min boil adding all hops at the beginning

Pre-boil Gravity: 1.049
Original Gravity: 1.065
Final Gravity: 1.016




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