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Do it for the children. Or do it for the beer.


Family and Friends,

I’m just going to cut to the chase – I’m asking for donations. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be running the Wild West Relay for the third time. It’s a 200 mile relay race from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs and all the money we raise goes to help Gwen’s organization (The Matthews House) serve underprivileged kids and their families right here in our own town.

You guys know that I’m crazy proud of my wife and the work that she does and supporting this race is immensely important to me. So, this year, I’m upping the ante a little bit.

Here’s the deal: If you donate more than $100 bucks, in addition to running my butt off,  I’ll give you a 12 pack of homebrew. You choose the style. (Or you can donate $200 bucks and I won’t make you drink it.:)) Out of towners – I’ll mail it to you. Or you can come visit, stay at my house, and we can drink it together.

Many of you have supported me in this race in the past – thank you. And even more thanks for considering supporting me again.

The Matthews House has set up a new fundraising page this year – here’s what you do.

Visit this website:

  1. Click on the rewards button in the middle of the page.
  2. Find my name – I have one award for $25 (retro western mug shot) and one for $100 (beer mug). Choose one of these two rewards and then buy as many as you can afford.

Or, you can send me $$ via paypal or mail me a check . No matter how you donate, you’ll get a donation receipt so that you can write this thing off come tax time.

Thanks again for supporting me.




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