OK – so here’s the deal – I am looking to finally brew a sour.  This is my wife’s favorite style of beer, and she’s been after me ever since the start of TCB to brew one for here.  So after many hours or research on line, reading books, and listening to podcast, I have finally decided to stop procrastinating and actually start looking into how to make a sour beer.  The style of choice – Flanders Red.  I’m using a base of Munich and Pale, with a little Caramunich, Aromatic, and a touch of Special B thrown in.  Hops are gonna be Saaz and Fuggles to about 20 IBUs.  I may back that down to 15-18.  I’ve got a Belgian Ale yeast (WLP575) that I was going to use for a my last Dubbel, but opted to hold onto it for this Flanders.  Mash will be pretty straight forward ~ 148° F for 75 minutes, mash out and batch sparge.   Then into the primary for a week…and then the fun begins…

For bugs, I haven’t fully decided.  I’ve seen three different types of brett, plus pedio and lacto.  I’ve also heard of just adding a commercial sour beer or two and let those bugs do the work.  Any recommendations?

Also, looking to add some oak and cherries if I can find them.  Should be a fun experiment, even though it will be a few months before we know if it worked.

Be good and brew adventurous.



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