TCB Imperial IPA w/ Midnight Wheat

Dry-hopping the Imperial IPA

After a week of fermenting and settling, the IPA got significantly darker. Here, she is freshly dry-hopped.

Recipe by: Taft Canyon Brewers

3 lbs 2-Row Pale Malt
3 lbs British Crystal Malt
0.5 lbs Midnight Wheat (Briess) (55o Lovibond)

Extract: 10 lbs Pale Malt Extract

2 oz Cascade Pellets (60 minutes)
1 oz Chinook Pellets (40 minutes)
1 oz Chinook Pellets (20 Minutes)
2 oz Chinook Pellets (10 minutes)
2 oz Cascade Pellets (0 minutes)
1.25 oz Simcoe Whole Leaf (dry hop)

American Ale (Wyeast #1056) and Safele 05 Ale Yeast


Fermentation Temperature: 68 F

Mash Steps:

60 minutes at 158 degrees (12 quarts)
Sparge at 170 degrees (10 quarts)

Notes: Was hoping to make this a “Black” IPA with the addition of Midnight Wheat. The crew at Hops and Berries said they thought 0.5 lbs would be plenty to give it the black color I was going for. Based on the color of this however, I would have needed much more (or perhaps treated it differently). It’s an odd brown. I plugged all the details into BeerSmith and my color seems super light compared to what they estimate it should be, too. We’ll have to see what this looks like after primary fermentation and all those hops settle. My priginal gravity was also light (should have been more like 1.100). I suspect that my mistake was using grain bags to hold the grains (laziness), preventing the dark colors of the Midnight week to full penetrate the mash. Won’t take this shortcut next time…idiot. – Steve

Brew History:

January 20, 2013

Original Gravity: 1.071
Potential ABV: 9%
Final Gravity: 1.041
Final ABV: 7.5%

Black Imperial IPA


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