Redbeard Magee Oatmeal Stout

Recipe by: Taft Canyon Brewers

Specialty Grains:

1lb Flaked Oats
0.5lb Extra Dark Crystal 160L (UK)
.25lb Chocolate (US)
.25lb Chocoloate (UK)
.25lb Coffee Malt (UK)
4lb Row 6 Pale

4 lbs Liquid Dark Malt Extract

1 oz Northern Brewer – whole leaf (60 minutes)
1 oz Northern Brewer Whole Leaf (30 minutes)
.5oz UK Challenger (dry hop)

Yeast: Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale

8 Quarts at 135 degrees for 40 minutes
3 Quarts at 155 degrees for 30 minutes
8 quarts Sparge

Other Additives: Irish Moss Powder (10 minutes) – Boil

Fermentation Temperature: 70 F

Original Gravity: 1.032

Final Gravity: TBD


Brew History:

Batch 1 – Brewed 10/27/2012
Brewers: Michael, Steve


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