Hurry up and wait

So the vigorous fermentation appears to have subsided and our beginner’s luck is holding out for now – neither beer exploded…yet.  It does appear that the greatest risk is now behind us. After some extensive on-line research on blow-off tubes, and some kind advice from a more experienced brewer (thanks Andrew), an extra blow-off tube is on our list for the next excursion to Hops & Berries, along with another carboy: 6 gallons this time to help stave off overflows, and upset wives…better safe than sorry…think of the room we have the Nut Brown stored in…

Both beers have settled and the foam has subsided and started to sink. The Pale Ale has turned a golden amber hue similar to caramel, and the Nut Brown is, well…brown. That’s good, right?!?!

Now we continue to wait. Like the anticipation before a long trip, all the different possibilities and outcomes are running through our heads. The biggest questions – did we filter enough? Did we sanitize everything properly?  Steve is pretty confident that they will turn out great. Me…not so much.  I was told that there’s no bacteria that can grow in beer that will kill we’ve got that going for us.

Next steps – density tests later this week.




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3 responses to “Hurry up and wait

  1. Michael

    A bad taste or smell will tell you if it is bad. Otherwise it should be good to drink.

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