If it’s brown, drink it down. The Nut Brown Ale, that is.

With the first batch from the other night still fermenting –Pale Ale – a more rational person would wait to see how it turned out before they jumped right back in, right?  Now I’ve been called a lot of things, but rational’s not one of them.  Well, it’s a good thing Hops and Berries is open on Sunday.  A quick stop after our morning ride and we’re now the proud owners of a second carboy, a much needed funnel (should be easier than a siphon), bottle cleaner, and drying rack…the homebrew kit is starting to take form.

On the way home from a mountain bike ride, we stopped by Hops & Berries to get some grains for Nut Brown Ale. Here, Steve mills the grains.

Sunday night’s adventure = Nut Brown Ale (and getting 5 kids fed and to bed on time…it’s a school night after all).  With an amazing collection of grains, and two types of hops, this recipe takes our brewing to a new level of complexity.  You can check out the recipe here.

Plus, I think we got some of the problems of last time figured out; especially the “how to boil water” thing.  The propane burner from my mother-in-law did the trick:  Fast boiling time, easy to control – this thing rocks!  Turducken deep fried in beer for Thanksgiving; who’s in?

Fire! Fire!

As if making beer wasn’t fun enough, now we get to make big flames, too.

We even figured out the accursed density test.   Only remaining challenge is cooling…I think we need more ice.

Measuring the specific gravity of our Nut Brown Ale wort

drinking around the brew kettle

Friends show up to show their support by drinking Keith’s beer.

Wes and the wort

Our friend Wes earned a beer by helping us stir the wort.

Keith and Steve examine the wort

With the discerning eyes of men who have been amateur brewers for almost 24 hours, we inspect the color and aroma of our wort.

Keith's beer storage

Can you find the beer in this photo? Sure hope that top doesn’t blow…

With a fermenter in each of our basements, we now wait for the yeast to do its thing (and hope we didn’t screw this up)…unless we decide to get another carboy later this week…



PS – We want to send a shout out to Wes and Michael who stopped by for moral support (and help us increase our empty bottle supply).  Thanks!

PPS – If you’re wondering, yes, we did get the kids to bed on time


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