Giddyup. Brewing beer tonight.

Amarillo Hops

We’ll be using Amarillo Hops in our first batch of beer.

Psyched!  Just picked up all the gear we needed from Hops and Berries.  Man, those people are great – thank you, Alison.  They walked me through the whole process – I even got to mill my own grains (this involved weighing them, dumping them into a grinder, and flipping a switch).  The only thing I didn’t buy there was a huge boiling pot – picked up a 20-quart pot at Target instead – hoping that wasn’t a mistake.  We’re going to be brewing an American Pale Ale tonight with Amarillo hops (H&B’s Hop of  the Month).

All we need now are bottles…60 of them.  But we’ve got two weeks to come up with them and we’ve got a head start already. We’re planning on re-using bottles from beer we’ve purchased – I’d better get drinking. Stay tuned…



P.S. Special thanks to my wife, Gwen,  for letting me skip a birthday party to buy beer supplies on a Saturday. What a gal.

Current fridge situation

We need empty bottles – I’d better get started on some of these…


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